Dollars Saved by People using since March, 2016:


Here at our mission is simple and clear, save people money on Mac repairs. We also like for our community to see the big picture in action, by providing detailed information on how much money has been saved by this free service. Since YouTube updated their view tracking technology, we are able to get detailed unique "video view data" and deduce an approximate amount of Dollars viewers have saved by watching repair videos on our channel. This is an extremely conservative estimate, because of the nature of our algorithm, the actual savings are possibly up to 5 times the amount listed.   

We use the following algorithm:

V= Views Per Replacement or Repair Video

U= Under-inflation, based on only 1 person performing a repair out of 4 people that attempt

D= Savings per repair in comparison to current market repair price (Our easiest repair will save you minimally $50 and up to $800, we use the lowest number)


V/U*D = Current Video View Count divided by 4 (1 person out of 4 will perform the repair) multiplied by $50 we firmly stand behind self-sustainability, innovation and free technological resources.